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It’s not them. It’s you.

27 May


It’s easy to assume by someone’s relationship or employment status that she is deeply satisfied with her life. Smiling faces and far off places can do a number on one’s own self-esteem. It also doesn’t help that people smile in 90% of photos (the ones not taken in front of a mirror), just supplementing your own theory that everyone is on their correct life path but you.

Facebook: Filling your newsfeed with stories of smiley, annoying happiness since 2006.

Yes, there are a lot of happy people out there but there are also a lot of people who feel just like you. Sometimes alone. Sometimes misunderstood. Always a little bit unsatisfied.

It is hard to look at wedding photos of a devastatingly gorgeous couple. It’s hard to watch people two years younger than you earn a higher degree and get promoted before you have moved out of your parents’ house. It’s definitely not easy to find out in your newsfeed that the boy you rejected in high school finally grew into his ears and became a model.

Here’s the thing: life isn’t easy. For anyone.

So stop it. Stop beating yourself up about the adorable children with their adorable parents who you went to high school with. Or the constant status updates from a foreign country you’ve never been to.

Stop comparing yourself to other people who are probably as secretly unsatisfied as you are. Focus on your own happiness. How you can become more satisfied with your current life status without using the success of people you hardly know as a measuring stick?

You can’t tell how full and meaningful someone’s life is by looking at a profile page on Facebook. Even if they have a cute puppy. And a beautiful child. And a husband with a trust fund who works in non-profit just to keep busy.

We have enough people in our lives making us doubt our own awesomeness. We don’t need Facebook to carry the point home.


You never know, that disgustingly fit stay-at-home mom might just be jealous of you…



17 May

If your current or future romance could be written by a musician, who would you want to write yours?

I think I would want

a little Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me,”

a touch of Fun.’s “The Gambler,”

a splash of Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Just Like a Star,”

a dollup of Etta James “At Last,”

and a whole lot of Hall & Oats’ “You Make My Dreams.”

For obvious reasons, Adele and Gotye are not invited to write my future romance.

We are our own worst enemies.

9 May

Sometimes, we are the creators of our biggest messes. So stop shaking the goddamn lemon tree!