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Dancing With Myself

16 May

Last weekend I went to see Tainted Love play at Harlow’s with some friends from college who were in town for the weekend. Although I was part of the generation that gave rebirth to the ’80s, I was never very interested in the decade. Too many unflattering colors, shapes and hairstyles, in my opinion.

Regardless, I attended in full-blown ’80s get-up. Tutu, leggings and enough pearls to give me a backache.  While not everyone was dressed up, those who did were rewarded with drinks and compliments. Unfotunately, I was only rewarded with the latter. But it didn’t matter because I had never felt more badass in my life (while wearing a tutu).

We rocked out to all the ’80s favorites. Jessie’s Girl. Pour Some Sugar On Me. Livin’ On a Prayer. Billie Jean. Don’t You Want We. Don’t Stop Believing. Dancing With Myself. You really can’t NOT scream sing and dance to those songs. Especially if you are wearing a tutu.

At one point in the show, I got separated from the rest of my friends.  I was literally dancing with myself while Dancing With Myself was playing. And I didn’t care. Maybe in the past, I would have felt uncomfortable, but not that night. That sweaty, neon night.

And never ever before that night had the lyrics been more true.

Oh dancing with myself
Well there’s nothing to lose
And there’s nothing to prove
I’ll be dancing with myself

Nothing to lose. Nothing to prove. Because sometimes YOU are your best dance partner.



Free is my favorite price.

10 May


This past week I went to a concert at a local Sacramento venue, Ace of Spades. It was dubbed “No Dough Show” because the entrance was FREE and showcased The Cosmonauts, WRINGS and Imagine Dragons.

The only band I had even heard of before was WRINGS because I know someone in the band and consequently, have been to a few of their shows. I knew I would at least enjoy them, but I was pleasantly surprised with the other performances.  Imagine Dragons has a successful single “It’s Time” which I was  impressed with, as well as a most of the other songs they played. The Cosmonauts were fun to watch as they were dressed entirely in superhero costumes. It was a LOT of spandex.

Overall, I hope to see many more of these No Dough Shows in Sacramento– free is ALWAYS my favorite price.